I'm Maria, researcher and senior lecturer based in Malmö, Sweden.


I am the PI for the project Goda exempel för skolnärvaro (Good examples for school attendance), financed by ULF for the years 2025-2026, where researchers from Jönköping University collaborate with school leaders and staff in Jönköping and Värnamo. The goal is to coordinate efforts and facilitate for children and youngsters who either fail to attend school (i.e. problematic school absence) or risk finding themselves in that position.

The book chapter Digital hållbarhet (Digital Sustainability) will soon be found in the book Digital kompetens för lärare (Digital Competence for Teachers) (published by Gleerups). It focuses on ecologic, economic and social sustainability in relation to digitalisation in schools.

I am also the Swedish PI for the GTSF project (Global Teachers for a Sustainable Future), financed by Erasmus+ 2023-2026. The focus for GTSF is internationalisation at home within teacher education with partners from Spain (overall PI), Austria, Germany, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, and Sweden. Associates of the project can be found in Malaysia, Colombia, and Mexico.

The project Futures Day – Who holds the future? is a collaboration with an upper secondary school in Jönköping, but a series of collaborations with other schools in other parts of Sweden are underway. Focus in this project is students' ideas about technology and the role of AI in the future drawing on futures scenarios as a framework. It focuses on sustainability from ecologic, economic and social points of view.

Student Imaginaries for Global Citizenship and Sustainable Internationalisation is a collaboration between researchers in Spain, Austria, Romania, Ukraine, and Sweden. How do students in higher education envision the future regarding internationalisation and globalisation?

The REaD-IT project (2022 - current) focuses on the reading strategies of students at upper secondary level and highlights the invisible competencies (primarily digital and language ones) as paths towards active citizenship.

The work on the book chapter The Unbearable Lightness of Imagination in a GenAI Era has only just begun. Together with fellow researchers at Jönköping University I'm writing about the Futures Day project for the book Postdigital Imaginations: Critiques, Methods, and Interventions.

My PhD thesis (Power Games: Rules and Roles in Second Life, 2011) focuses on power, hierarchies and roles in online role-play groups. My current research merges the fields of digitalisation, education, and social sustainability, as I study fluctuating power in real as well as fictional contexts.

I have worked in the field of English and in teacher education since 2003.

Areas of interest

- Fluctuating power

- Subversion

- Social sustainability

- Digitalisation

- Data ownership

- Data mining

- Higher education

- Teacher education

- Literature (post-colonial, migration, integration)

- Text analysis

- Critical discourse analysis

- (N)ethnography


Currently holding positions as the head of the research environment CCD (Communication, Culture, and Diversity, www.ju.se/ccd), as the programme director of the masters programme LeaDS (Learning, Digitalization, and Sustainability), and as senior lecturer of Comparative Literature at Jönköping University, I have a PhD in TechnoScience.